What we call for this Look?

Back to post..how's life y'all???

Im actually not having any purpose when making this look. This is only a side effect after I made a "beauty" look for Ms Carnellin 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway or you can see my post here. Dont ask me what it called!! :D

Oke, lets take a look on the make up stuff and props im used for this look :

1. eyeshadow (im using Maybelline Color Tattoo Bold Gold, Tough as Taupe, Tenacious Teal and Audacious Asphalt, then Coastal Scent 88 Original Pallette shade black and brown)
2. eyeliner (Maybelline Hypersharp Liner Pink and Dark Green, Mizzu Eyeliner, Dolly Wink Eyeliner for the tail)
3. lipstick (penelope NYX round lipstick and Femme Lipstick KleanColor in purple and pink)
4. Veil or hairnet (for the scales)
5. Gems and eyelash glue

Thats all.. thankyou for coming ^^

My Wishlist For New Santa In Town - Not in the North Pole, but While You On Earth...^^ Part 2


My second post for my wishlist of Ms Carnellin's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!!! 

Did I mention you on the 1st post here that this giveaway are OPEN for bloggers and non bloggers?? and did I mention you too that THERE ARE 17 Gift she'll give to us?? if you're not aware yet, just give a visit to her page here

And, what I'm choosing for my 2nd wishlist of Ms Carnellin's giveaway?


Yes..this is Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat and Forever Light Creator!!!


First and Last reason why I want it so badd because its been in my yearly wishlist to get a super duper perfect concealer/highlighter YSL Touche Eclat and also for the Forever Light Creator which can make flawless and fairish skin far from dark spot and fine line or wrinkles I ever dare to dreaming for! But its a pricey things so I just dreaming about it along the year..^^
So Santa, just pleasee make my dreams come true, okey? :)

And theen, narcist time for my Ms Carnellin's Giveaway Look ^^
kali ini aku dandan cantik loh...trus ada versi gif animationnya juga..moga moga memuaskan yah #colekMsCarnellin :D

:) :) :)

My Wishlist For New Santa In Town - Not in the North Pole, but While You On Earth...^^ Part 1


I'm writing this post to announce and share with you this most biggest-great-mega giveaway from Ms Carnellin at whileyouonearth. Whoever in Indonesia Beauty Blogger should know her for sure, because she's a matchmaker between beauty blogger and make-up and fashion company. And without her and Tia running the matchmaker management, we should be lack of event and make up contest ^^

Then..like someone say that "the best things in life are meant to be SHARED" so here I'm sharing this very very good things which happen lately - Its a "Carnellin's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway"!!!!^^
There's lot of branded prizes and we can choose more than one!!! Its open for blogger and non blogger, we're just creating something unique to catch her attention! (and I hope my unique creation really catch her attention then coosing me :D)

So, here my first wish to My New Santa Ms Carnellin on her Carnellin's 12 Days Christmas Giveaway

7th Gift : Package from V10Plus !!!

Why I want this 7th Gift?

1. This V10 Plus Quasi Serum provide treatment and protectant against dark spots and freckles, also inhibits the formation of melanin. I have a lot of darks spot on my face, and desperately want to relieve it. Base on some reviews, the V10 Plus Quasi serum has the power to against my dark spot and freckles.

2. V10 Plus LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment and V10 Plus LX Advanced Eye Cream, both are design to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, which is very suitable for women who on early 30 (im 33 years old, actually ^^ )

3. My wish related with this 7th gift, I can be ALWAYS look younger than my age, because I'm more older than almost every beauty blogger on IBB :D 

And, narcist timeee story especially for Ms Carnellin's Giveaway with Pop Art Look!!

Wish me luck!!!