Once Upon A Time...Far Far Away In The Galactica - IBB November's MakeUp Challenge Feat Coverderm

Im back again with another look I've made last night. As we know, that Indonesian Beauty Blogger is usually hosting a make up challenge every months. This time, they have interesting theme for the MUC. Its a fantasy make up with theme "Once Upon A Time...". I like it sooo much!!

As you see on my post before, I've been submitted my look - its called Lilith : Mother of The Demons.You can find it here. Then i have another briliant idea (but sadly, not a really good skill to realize it..heheh) to make a Galactic Lady (nopee..you cant find this name anywhere, because its totally just in my imagination). What inspired me? hmm...you can say "the universe" LOL

This month challenge are sponsored by Coverderm. The prizes is worth to a million for two winner. OMG, i really wanted to try Coverderm, especially their classic concealing foundation!! My friends say, it last up to 8 hours without any retouch!! wow!!! I dont like a glowy look on my face, and the combination skin face of mine, make it immposible. I always retouch my make up when after one or two hours - depens on weather humidity and climate. That's why totally wanted the foundation!

Okeyy, back to the Galactic Lady. Im using my not-really-new face painting (because its already used), PAC and Viva. I also using some of my full color eyeliner - pink, turquoise and green. I also using my new false eyelashes, its a blue and glittery. hehehehhe

And, this is the result...tadaaaa...

a lil bit closer to see the details

some of the pics i've taken

For this Galactic Look, I should using properties with blue color. As for the eye, because I have natural color eye, so im using Ageha Lunatia Aqua Blue from Japan Softlens to completing the look. You can also read the review about Ageha Lunatia Aquablue here.. :)

There are 4 color varian for this Lunatia Series, such as brown, green and grey. Mine is aquablue.

Beside the Lunatia Series, you can also find another series from Ageha  by clicking the picture below

Wish me luck ^^

Diabetic Zombie on Diabetes Awareness Makeup Contest By Madeulook and Mehron


As you know, I really love fantasy make up, and I do love make up challenge ;D 

At this moment, im joining a contest held by MadeULook with theme "Diabetes Awareness". This contest is made to celebrate November as Diabetes Awareness Month. There will be 2 winners, one from Alexys's choice and one from Voter's Choice, and every winner will get a prizes sponsored by Mehron. As a rule, I have to give a fact about diabetes. Well, actually I have no experience about Diabetes. But, my family's friends has Diabetes Type 2, and finally passed away about 2 years ago. 

Well, I love Alexys Fleming because she's very talented and creative when she made her make up. Very detail and "tidy". I believe that's she can make everything with her creativeness!!! You can see her creative work on her youtube MadeYewLook or her Facebook MadeULookbyLex. She make her tutorial also, and i ever tried one or two, but I think my result is faaar away from her creation. In example, i've ever tried to make 3d stitches just like she made for her creation "Sally : Nightmare Before Christmas". But the stitches are NEVER get the 3d look just like her...:(

Back to the contest, when I made this diabetic zombie look, I'm about unsure about the result. There are a lot of creative people outhere. And the contest are open internationally!! so can you imagine how much creative people who'll join the contest???

Bu thanks God, I made it! I'm into top 100!! (still faaar away from being the winner, but I do really glad to get into top 100!!).

Here my creation, just take a look for a moment, and decide whether you like it or not ^^. Feel free to comment or critics ;)

I have no latex can be used, so I made the exfoliate skin (Im not sure "exfoliate" is the right word - but i hope you can catch what I meaning about :D) from flour and water mixed with foundation. I also add a tissue and teared it into small pieces, then stick it to my cheeck, nose and other parts on my face i want to made the exposed and exfoliate skin.

Im using face painting to blend the "artificial skin" to my skin. The color are black and brown. Then add a little bit blue-red-purple eyeshadow to create the rotten skin. Then im finishing it using red face painting and clear lipgloss. I also using softlenses to get grey eyes just like a zombie.

Its very easy though, but you must very careful when you add the eyeshadow and face painting, so it can seem like the real wound.

I do love the open wound i made on this pic!

one mistake on this look - never ever a zombie has a clean and coloured hair just like mine..hahahaha..im forget this detail!!

Once more, if you dont mind, please help me to get more vote on my pic I've submitted for this contest. You can get to the link by simply clicking the pic below. Big Thanks!!!! ^^

Diabetic Zombie by Irene Widya http://bandarkrupux.blogspot.com/

November's Make Up Challenge from Indonesian Beauty Blogger & Coverderm : Once Upon A Time...

Hai hai haii...another month another challenge..kali ini aku memberanikan diri buat join kembali di IBB MUC. Kali ini, tema yang diusung adalah tema fantasy make up, yaitu "Once Upon A Time"...jadi kali ini para beauty blogger ditantang untuk lebih kreatif dalam mempresentasikan dunia peri, elf, princess atau bahkan zombie!!! Seru banget kaan...^^

Sttt..sponsor kali ini cukup mengguncang badai loh...mau tau??

COVERDERM......iyaa...COVERDERM yang keren ituu....

Sering dong liat produk produknya kalo pas lg jalan di mall? Dari dulu tuh aku puengeen bgt nyobain foundie nya yg Classic Concealing Foundation. Dari semua testimonial bilang bahwa oil controlnya cetarr..bisa tahan 8 jam an tanpa retouch! Padahal dengan kondisi mukaku yang kombinasi gini, selama ini retouch wajib hukumnyaa, krn aku ga suka banget muka yg berkilat kilat gitu. Ooowwwlalala...ngilerr sangat sama Classic Foundienya Coverderm...

Makanya nih..begitu tau MUC kali ini sponsornya Coverderm, langsuung deh total jendral bikin looknya (wish me tons of luck yaaa..pingin bgt niihh..)

Naah, untuk fantasy look nya, kali ini aku coba mempresentasikan khayalan aku tentang dunia mortal yang ada di buku The Mortal Instrument (ada filmnya juga kok). Di buku itu, diceritakan bahwa dunia ini isinya bukan cuma manusia biasa aja, melainkan juga vampir, demon, iblis, peri dan diatas semua itu, adalah manusia keturunan malaikat yang dikenal dengan Pemburu Bayangan (Shadowhunter).

No..noo...aku ga mencoba buat jadi vampir. ga punya taringnya..juga ga jadi peri atau demon, karena itu bakal susah banget bikinnya, dan banyak IBBers yang jago jago dalam fantasi make up yang bisa membuat semua tokoh tokoh itu dengan jauuh lebih bagus. Jadi, sesuai dengan aku yang udah paling tuwa aja gt diantara para bloggers, aku memilih jadi iblis jadul yang (konon) merupakan emak nya para Iblis dan Demon (wow,sangar bener ahahaha)...


She called Lilith. Mother of all demon in the world. The oldest from the olds They said, Lilith has been existed from the beginning of the world. She cheat the first women in the world to stole the apple from the God's Tree of Wisdom.

Dalam tiap gambar, seringkali Lilith diinterpretasikan dengan ular, atau dengan apel di tangan. Nah, berhubung aku ga punya apel, jadi aku ga pake apel. Tapi aku memadukan warna kesukaanku - Merah - dengan dandanan imajinasiku mengenai sosok Lilith, yaitu sisik ular dan warna hijau di satu sisi dan merah berapi api di sisi lainnya.

Cekidot here ^^

#Foto originalnya adalah seperti ini. Aku cuma nambahin brightness dan contrast aja, karena kali ini aku coba coba ambil foto (sendiri yaa) bukan pake hp tapi pake dslr (yang dimana itu ternyata rempong banget buat fokusnya, harus angkut angkut barang dulu, trus pake timer cepet cepet ambil posisi..#fyuh)

Untuk menambah kesan hijau dan merah, aku tambahin sedikit warna, sehingga jadinya seperti ini

well, itu aja sih...Wish Me Luck yah ^^
Tengkyuu udah mampirr :)