Runway Inspired - to make me sophisicated..hahaha


At this moment im gonna try runway style make up and inspired by Chritian Dior at Couture 2011 Show. What make me fallin with this style? its the hairpin!!! They put a lot of hairpin in the models so it makes the models look "sophisicated" hehehhe...

well anyway, im trying to steal the look...although im a beginner in this "make up world" and the result is far from perfect, but i hope you can give me some developing critics and comment.. :)

  The basic make up such a base make up, concealer and bb cream should be done first. Here im using Etude Baby Choux, ELF concealer and Etude bb cream cotton fit
 After the face contour time, im doing the eyeshadow first. im using grey for highlight and purple mixed with blue and a bit of red for the eyelid
 here's the result of the mixed colour
 and this, after im using the eyebrow pencil. Because i just have brown as my daily use, so i decide to use my black eyeliner for a dramatic look

 A cat eye style for the eyeliner along my eyes for more more dramatic look :D im using etude gel liner for this time
 and here after using lipstics. The color is mixed of red and pink and clear gloss.

 and here the final result after the hairpin aded. Is it makes me more sophisicated? (well, when im trying to put the hair pin one by one, its really "sophisicated"

Then this is the very final result :) taraaaa

^ ^