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Tips : How To Cover Your Eyebrows

For about 3 times, I am "success" enough to cover eyebrows for some of my make up look. Not a good one, because I think I should doing more practices. But I think it is good to share a knowledge 'rite? And here we go Girls, a short post about a tips and trick how to get the brow-less ^^
First thing, you'll gonna need this :

Then following this steps :

Until this step #4, just repeat step #2 to #4 several times. Mine are 6 to 7 times, but my brows is thin. So for you who has thick brow, maybe you just repeated it more, until the brow feels flattened and and sleek *im not sure what it calls in english for "terasa rata dan menyatu dengan kulit" sorry :D*. After that you can continued to next step.

After the last step, then you can use any foundation or face painting for base of your make up. Here a result I've made when I covered my brows

Feel free to ask if there's any question. You can pm me or comment below. Thankyou ^^

Collaboration Make Up : Disney Male Villain [[ SCAR ]]

Hola Ladies!
After a very long time, we're  finally completed the mission! ahahahhaha...well, this is one of hardest collaboration since its consist of 14 beauty blogger fellas, and some of them are busy with their own study and business. And this time, the theme is takes more effort (yes, because we're transform to a male villain!), so I can say Thank's God the mission accomplished!
Well, for you who doesn't know yet, last February we have this collaboration "Disney Villain Collaboration" and there are 14 beauty blogger who joined the project. You can read the post here. Me as Maleficent, the witch from Sleeping Beauty.
Then, as the sequel project, now we're present this...

starring :
Martalina Thesya Chandra Wulan
Ellen Dine Irene Aldila alls…