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Mega Collaboration Disney Villain Divas - Darkest Beauty of Maleficent

Im back with another collaboration..and this time is a huge collaboration because we're 14 pretty ladies who make a "very dark but still beautiful" look of Disney Villains. We called us "Disney Villain Divas" :)
Along with me, there are 14 Beauty Blogger who joining the make up collaboration. Who are they? Lets see
Cruella de Vil : Vindy (here) Queen Grimhilde / Evil Queen : Ellen (here) Lady Tremaine : Sanny (here) Madame Mim : Nurina (here) Madame Medusa : Riyanti (here) Maleficent : Irene (Me!! :D) Mother Gothel : Martalina (here) Queen Narissa : Anisa (here) Queen of Hearts : Anggie (here) Ursula : Aldila (here) Yzma : Dine (here)
Anastasia Tremaine : Gita (here) Drizella Tremaine : Nila (here) Marina del Rey : Mukti (here)

::::: :: :
And Ladies, here "DISNEY VILLAIN DIVAS" ^^