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Beauty Blender - Not Only A Sponge - It's a Beauty Perfection

Hi Ladies,
Have you ever felt imperfect when you are doing your own make up? I do. I always feel that my make up isn't good enough due to my skin condition. I have a large pores and dark spots on my face, and even when I use a lot foundation, it always seems imperfect to me. And do you know something? this "too much foundation" makes my make up look cakey. I always think - hey, why don't you just wear a mask?? (LOL)
A several q&a to couples beauty expert and little research that I'm done recently have lead me to a conclusion that  I should have an applicator called sponge. Sponges has very flexible shape so we can "just" press it (with foundation) onto our face. Sponges apply foundation better than brushes or even our fingers, thus the result is much more desirable. Okey, I got it ^^ 
Then, I'm curious what kind of brand that I should choose. There are 2 or 3 option, but then I decide to try Beauty Blender to solve my problem. 

I once asking my self…

Review : Elianto Stay On Liquid Eyeliner come back with another review..^^
As we know, about a months ago Ms Carnellin Yulianti with her blog WhileYouOnEarth has "Carnellin 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway". One of the sponsor is Elianto Indonesia, and lucky me I'm one of the winner who get a IDR 100.000,- voucher from Elianto Indonesia
I'm really excited about the voucher. As far as I know, I never use any product of Elianto's except the brushes. The brushes are good enough comparing with the price (because the prices is cheap - especially when there's a 50% discount ^^) But quietly, I always look at the shadows too..:D 
Since the voucher is coming and there's a surprise gift from Carnellin for someone who take a pic or review or anything with the prizes, so I'm moving fast to the Mall of Indonesia Elianto's Counter at Saturday to buy some products.
My choices are always eyeliner. Its always happen anytime. So, with no doubt, I'm choosing Elianto Stay On Liquid Eyeliner. Thi…

Review : False Eyelashes from Colourful Shop and RheaPunya Giveaway back in the early of 2014 with a review :)
As we know, at November 2013 Prisilla Gita Lesmana from Ms Rhea has thirdblogversary giveaway. Lucky me, I become one of the winner which got 10 beautiful false eyelashes from Colourful Shop. All of the eyelashes has different style, so lucky me I can make 10 different look and styles with the eyelashes ^^
First, lets see the box and false eyelashes itself..

There are 10 kind of eyelashes, some of them are really long and thick, some are medium and short.
When I take a look closer, I find that each strands are connected with clear strings and at each of its corner there are a few millimeters additional strings. I believe that the additional string on every corners are used to hold the eyelashes when we putting it to our eyes (well that's what i do ^^)

The eyelashes itself are light and comfortable when used. Im not really good in using eyelashes, but the additional string makes me possible to hold the lashes when im putting it…