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Review : Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti Aging Moisture Cream SPF 30 PA++

Hello Dear,

I'm back with another review today, and this moment I'm gonna review about one latest product form Elizabeth Arden, called Prevage Anti Aging Moisture Cream SPF 30PA++. 

If you following my latest blogpost, you'll realize that I have several other blogpost related with this brand, Elizabeth Arden. Yes, you're right. It it because the representative distributor here in Indonesia, Beauteous You, recently giving me Elizabeth Arden Summer Bag package which consist of some cosmetic products and asking me to trying them all.

The Elizabeth Arden Summer Bag 

As you can see on the picture above, there are some product exclusively made for the Summer Bag. They are Beauty Pouch (here)Deluxe Compact Beautiful Color Eyeshadow Palette (here), Beautiful Color Luminous Lipgloss (here), Ceramide Ultra Lipstick (here), Green Tea Body Wash, Prevage Anti Aging Moisture Cream (which I've reviewing it right now).

This moisturizer is suitable for anyone who looking for a cream which including anti aging and sun protection inside. Especially, for woman in the end of 20's or early 30's at most. 

At the bottom side, there are instructions for use, shortly. The complete instruction will explained by the Beauty Advisor when you bought the cream.

From the web, I have several information related with function and formula used on this cream, which are :
  • UV A/UV B Protection
  • Antioxidant Protection - contains Advanced Idebenone Technology and Thiotaine - the two formulas works as a powerful anti oxidants
  • Restorative - it is contain with Hibiscus Seed Extract which help maintain skin's own natural collagen
  • Intense Moisturization - Advance Moisture Complex, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Glycerin

Im using it in the morning after my serum from about 3 weeks ago. And from that time, I noticed some effect on my skin. Well, it is not shown on the pictures I attached, but actually I can feel that my skin are smoother and moisturized. 

In a long term usage, Prevage is proven to protect skin from damage, wrinkle and discoloration too. Well, I really hope that will works too on my VERY BIG acne scars on my cheek (it is very annoying, you know!).

Then, let's take a look inside the packaging

it's a pale yellow color cream inside
creamy textures, not oily and dry quickly after application
Cream color is pale yellow, and it has creamy-rich textures. The cream is dry quickly after application on skin. Its has smooth floral aroma, and I like that because make this cream seems more exclusive. Then, after apply massage the cream on my face, they're not leave some kind of "oily" things on my hand.

And, here's my before-after face using Prevage Anti Aging Moisture. As I mentioned before, there's no such extreme different thing you can see, but I can say that right now, my face is more moist and smooth. Remember, I'm not using any editing for my pictures and try to take the pictures in the (almost) same time and place, but still the brightness might be different due to sun light and time-different when taking the pictures.

When I'm using this cream for a month or more, I believe that the formula will works more efficient. I'll updating my blogpost after month, and hope there are more significant result that I can write.

In summary, here's the "at this moment" result of Prevage Anti Aging Moisture Cream by Elizabeth Arden

- Make my skin more smooth and moist
- Smell good
- Dry quickly and not oily   
- Exclusive packaging 

Well, that's all for now. Thankyou for Beauteous You for giving me the chance to try this product, and also thanks to you who read my post. See you soon.


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