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Open Wound Tutorial


Kali ini short post tentang tutorial bagaimana membuat luka terbuka. Lokasi yang aku pilih kali ini tangan..karena lwbih cepat buat bikinnya...

Oke,bagaimana dengan ini sodara sodara?

Wanna try it?
Berikut bahan yang diperlukan
1. Tisu,potong sesuai keinginan 2. Lem bulu mata 3. Concealer 4. Eyeshadow coklat-hitam-ungu-merah-kuning 5. Liptint merah/lipstik merah dan lipgloss bening
Berikut step by step nya:

Siap mencoba? ^^

Hunger Games : Catching Fire - Panem's District IBB Mega Collaboration

Hi ^^ 
Im back again with my FIRST collaboration make up look!!! soo excited with the collaboration, because this is my first time collab, with 11 best and famous bloggers ever at IBB. How proud I am!! ^^
This time, we choose Hunger Games Themes. As we know, that Hunger Games 2 : Catching Fire movie just released a month before. The story about how Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Meelark fight again in Quartell Quell just after the Victory Tour has been done and they decided to get married.

The Quarter Quell itself, is to celebrate the 75th Hunger Games at Panem. Special for this year, the tributes are came from the past winner. Means, Katniss is definitely join the killing game anymore with other 22 past Hunger Games Winner. Of course its very difficult, because they're all winner!!
#I read all the three books, so that's why I know much about the Hunger Games!!! - I never watching the Hunger Games 2 : Catching Fire, actually..
Thats all about the Hunger Games. Now about t…