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"HYPNOTIZE" Indonesian Beauty Blogger ft Lancome - October 2013 Make Up Challenge

See the poster above?? yes, another make up challenge i've followed ^ ^. As usual, Indonesian Beauty Blogger held a monthly make up challenge, and this October is very special one, because we can submit up to 3 Hypnotize Look !!! I think this is a very good idea to raise the chance to win..aaand to creating a lot of Hypnotize look :)

The winner (2 winner) will get a package from Lancome worth IDR 1.000.000,- consisst of Lancome's new product Hypnose Pallette and Hypnose Mascara - what a very tempting prize!!!

So, this is my first entry of Hypnotize Look. Im choosing Hypnose Star Eyes this time :)

Im using green color softlens here, but since the color is not seemed clearly, im using an editing to the softlens color.
What do you think for My Hypnotize Star Eyes? ^ ^

Dr Jart+ Most Moist Water Sure Gel - Oil Free Gel Cream

Last week, I'm going to Lotte Shopping Avenue to pick my giveaway from Dr Jart and Lotte Shopping Avenue. As promoted before, Lotte Shopping Avenue and Dr Jart gives away to 75 winner 3 kinds of their skincare, and I got this Dr Jart Most Moist Water Sure Gel. 
As the beauty consultant said, our face need more water content to make it more brighten and soft. Some people born with enough water content on his/her face, but not with some other else. The consultant said, you can tested your face skin by comparing with your upper arm skin. It it's feel like same, then you have enough water content on your face. But if isn't, then you need to improve the water content on your face. 
The Dr Jarts Most Moist Water Sure Gel is about Rp 450.000,-/50ml. Its pricey enough for me :D
Here the picture I've taken shortly after take the gift from Dr Jart Counter #narsismodeon :D
#not at Dr Jart's counter, its at XL Center Lotte Shopping Avenue :D
After home, I decided to try the wa…

Insanely Mesmerizing Your Eyes Photo Contest By Mizzu Cosmetics


As we know, there's a local brand new eyeliner booming in Indonesia. Its called Mizzu Eyeliner from Mizzu Cosmetics, and they specialized in eyes make up.

I just bought mine about 3 weeks ago from Bunny Beaute Cosmetica, and i'm totally in in love with this eyeliner (Im gonna review the eyeliner itself soon). As for who has small eyes, eyeliner is the main important stuff that can't leave behind. And so i am. I have about 5 black eyeliner and 2 color eyeliner, but I think Mizzu has its own signature which make me never ever leave it for something else.

And then, the interesting part is, Mizzu Cosmetics held a Photo Contest with theme "Insanely Mesmerizing Your Eyes"

Here's the flyer

And, as a person who always want to brighten up the situation, of courseee Im joining this photo contest :D hehehe....I'm really loveeeee Make Up Contest! heheh..

And, here's my look for this contest. To get this look, i need 3 times trial, and succes in the third tim…