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Haloween Edition (again) - Bloody Creepy Clown

Good Morning!!

Last night i have difficulties to sleep. Maybe its because to much nap in the noon. So, when waiting to be sleepy, im trying something in my face, inspired by Haloween time and the Haloween fever on Indonesia Beauty Blogger's Grup..hehe
I made some simple tutorial here, i hope it's clear enough to you to imagine how to make this creepy look
Stuffs you need : 1. White Foundation (i use kryolan in ivory, so I put in my face twice or three times) 2. Black  and White Eyeshadow and Eyeliner  3. Red Lipstick 4. Fake Blood (or you can use liptint or made the fake blood by yourself)
Well, just take a look for the simple step ow making this bloody creepy clown!
I have enough lamp in my living room, so I think the result isn't scary enough yet. Then i make some editing in my phone to adjust brightness and contrast. And i think its become little bit scarier..:D

What do you think...?? :)

Ops, im forget to write down the step to make fake blood.
The ingredients is :
1. …

My Review and Summary about My NESTLE FITNESSE 14 Days Challenge

Holaaa :)
Aku kembali mereview tentang pengalamanku dalam NESTLE FITNESSE 14 Days CHALLENGE. Yah, memang sudah 3 hari dari hari terakhir aku selesai dari tantangan 14 hariku, tapi berhubung aku belum bisa "tune in writing mood" jadi yah, daripada aku menghasilkan tulisan yang jelek, lebih baik aku tunggu timing yang lebih bagus.
Mungkin sudah pada tau yah, NESTLE FITNESSE dan NESTLE FITNESSE Fruit adalah produk baru yang dikeluarkan oleh NESTLE, dimana produk ini berupa sereal pengganti sarapan pagi atau pengganti makanan utama yang memiliki kandungan gandum utuh dan low fat. 
Nah, dalam rangka launching produk ini, NESTLE ngadain NESTLE FITNESSE 14 Days CHALLENGE, dimana mereka mengajak kita untuk mengkonsumsi produk NESTLE FITNESSE dan menjalankan diet makanan sehat dan sereal selama 14 hari.

NESTLE juga membagikan 200 sample gratis bagi 100 orang yang beruntung dan terpilih untuk mencoba varian baru produk ini. Daan sodara sodara, aku terpilih menjadi bagian dari 100 or…

Bollywood Inspired Make Up - Inspiration For E Club Party ^ ^


As an opening, let me explain that im was re-sign from my current job as a banker at last Februari 2013. Im decided to be a full mother raising my two adorable kids by myself. Some other offer came by, but I think im still Kids come first.

Oke, when im a banker, there a celebration every 6 month to celebrate the excellent achiever. Its starting at 2009 untul now, and Thanks God that i always be the part of the party :)

This is my look on the past E Club (i just have two of them, because the other one - Indonesian Heroes Theme - i lost the picture becaouse my memory card is broken). The theme is Wild Wild West (2011) and Arabian Night (2010)

Then today, they celebrate the E Club Party again. Heheheh, how i missed this fun time!!

But wait..!!
maybe i cant join the party, but I can make my own party!!
So I decided to make a Bollywood Inspired Make Up, so i can feel the party too..hahahaha...

If my friend at my ex office read this, I hope they can inspired how to make the look.…

Review of Illamasqua Blush Powder in Tremble - Beauty Purple Mini Giveaway

Last september, im following a mini giveaway held by Beauty Purple and Ms Devy. The giveaway closed in September 27, 2013. The giveaway itself is to celebrate "tanggal jadian" Ms Devy with her boyfriend :)

Well anyway, i'm the Lucky Winner :) yeeaaaaay!!!!

Yesterday, the package has been arrived safely by Tiki. Im so excited when opening the package and curious with the Illamasqua (since i dont really have the budget to buy this brand - the price of the blush is about Rp 300.000,- for single blush!!)

Here the pic i take yesterday the famous illa blush in tremble....taraaaaaa...

The color is soft pink, and no glitter. Its very simple design, but with a great - long lasting color blush on inside.

This is the swatch on my hand

On my skin - my skin is in light natural color with a bit of redness - Illa looks soft but clearly visible just in once times swatch. And its blend naturally with my skin, and wearable in day and night. Ohhh, i love this blush!!!

This mor…

My FOTD : Sexy Look Like a Supermodel :D

Im dreaming about being a model. Not a runway, but as a model in paper magazine and billboard. Its very proudest thing when we see our face in a billboard or magazines, which everyone can see it, anywhere.
But sadly thing is, im not as good as the model, and my way of life it's not ended as a model but a housewife (which Im very proud of being a housewife). But keep dreaming is possible, and now i'm gonna make it real - just in my blog :D _ but still proud hehehehe
last night im trying to make a look just like a model. Im not really good in making something like this, but im trying my best to make my face "camera friendly". And i thing, some supermodels need an editing on their pic also kaaann??
Im choosing "sexy look" as my style, because everyone has their own sexy look. Its general, but i believe that we can dig it up, even its buried deep down inside. Then now, im digging up my sexy look...:)
Check it out...:)

Thanks for coming :)

My Halloween Look Today : Funny Cat

Hellooooo :)
Im back again with my new make up style...this time is inspired by Halloween Timee!!!!!
Well, actually im not really knows about Halloween. Because in my country, there's no Halloween festival or something related. But I do like halloween, because this is the time when we can be anything! this moments, i decide to be a Funny Cat...:D whyyy?? I do like horror movie, but i think i'll be shocking when i see my face transform into something scary :D and the fact that my skill isn't enough yet to perform something scary just like zombie, chucky, witches etc. The last thing is, i thin cat is funny..not scary..right?? :D
Well lest see what kind of cat i have..:D
#i dont have any pics of progress that i made when i make this look. but shortly i'll write down the way to get this look. I'll take a pics of the steps later when i made new other look ;)
The stuff we need is only a few things, such as : 1. Foundation/Concealer with white color/fair and da…