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Special Moment Kaleidoscope 2013

Hello..welcome at the first day of 2014... ^^

First of all let me put my "New Year Selfie Greetings" :D 

Year of 2013 is always be a something special to me. I have many things happen along the year. And of course, some of them are new for me. I always like what happen on me until today, and so tomorrow and later.

As in the first blog-post at 2014, I just want to make a flashback some moments here..:) (actually i just want to publishing it yesterday, but my internet too busy to let me done it).But anyway, lets start ... ^^

January 2013

This is my last month of my workdays as a bankers for 8 years. I've announced my resignation at November 2012, and preparing for the transition for about 1 month after that. I do missing my workdays actually..the days when Im counting the working capital needed, account statement summary, and even the debate with my debtor or credit support!!

here's some of the beautiful moment I've shared with my colleague when we're on Sepa Island
a few selfie doesnt hurt, rite :D
After a resignation, I decided to go to my hometown for a few days. I have a great time there with my kids :)

pic's i've taken at the beach near home

February 2013

This is my girl's birthday!!! she's turning 3 years old..!!

May 2013

Hei, we go to the beach again!! this time is a family trip..just 4 of us to Lombok. This is a very beautiful island, and we're spend 6 days there, go beach to beach and playing. What a very beautiful moment!!

July 2013

My son got 6 years old!! - the other very special things about the years is he's much talkative along the years!!
Well, my son got a "speech delay". He cant speak as much as any kids on their ages, and we just know about it when he turning 3. I'm feeling awful and horrible for my negligence, but what I can do now when I realize the speech delay is make amends. Then we're working hard to make his speech better. My reason of resignation is 90% about this, and I wish I'm doing it right after he was born. Well, I will make another blog post about speech delay things soon because its a lil bit OOT - or I can't stop..(it's a very looong story you know!! :D)

August 2013

I'm starting blogging!!! I just found that writing a blog-post and publishing it is very exciting. Well i'm was writing an article for my church, and some writing competition when I was at high-school. But after a long working days, i just forget how to write and accidentally found the passion after a few months of being a housewife, thanks to my high-school friend Astri Sulaika!!
For the first, I think I just write a random post, about being housewife, about parenting and activities. But I find it more exciting when I can write about beauty and make up. And that's when I'm joining Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB). 
I cant say that I don't like make up (i used to using my mom's stuff when I was kid, but then I spend years of my young days being "tomboy" - i dunno how to say it in English :D) The special things about make up is I can feel more confident - especially if we talking about eyes and eyebrow..:D.. the last couples months forward, my special time are joining a lot of make up competition. It's kinda new job for me (and I hope, I can make it real of being a make up artist soon!)

September 2013

My first time joining make up challenge from IBB. you can see the complete pics here. I made it to final, but since i was voted by a few, then I ended with just being a finalist. But it's just a great time and im proud of that - because my competitor are shocking awesome look!! ^^
See my look I've created ^^

October 2013

Being a finalist at Mizzu Make Up Contest, but ended with only a finalist. But, really a good time actually. The days of voting are thrilling (and still until now :D). Yes I do hoping being a winner, but actually I really love when I'm doing the make up and creating something in my face. It's really exciting time. 

You can see my post about the Mizzu Make Up Competition here. And, you can see my creepy look here, or funny cat here, or Bollywood Look here. There's a several other look, you can search it in my blog. 

November 2013

Another special look here, since I've made to be a finalist again on IBB Make Up Challenge, and following an international make up competition about diabetic which hosted by one of my favorite make up guru Alexys Fleming from Madeulook. I also following a make up competition host by Vindy, who owned a Moslem Clothing and Hijab Shop and very talented MUA and Fantasy Make Up Creator (she sooo awesome, you know!!) 

PS. click on the pic to go to the blog post

December 2013

VERY SPECIAL MONTH here...because I'm celebrating Christmas and New Year!!!

I always wishing to spend days of Christmas time at a place where there are a snow outside, a fireplace with socks, a very BIG Christmas tree (the real spruce) and a Christmas decorating theme everywhere I see. Well I hope I can make it real soon - but now all I have is here, so I'm very thankful for the blessing. 

At Christmas time, after church we're go to my parents-in-law's home. I decided to make a spaghetti and baked fettuccine this year (last year i just bought it on a store near home). My kids are very excited there, since they meet with their cousins and also the dogs (my brother in law has 5 DOGS there).

And also, I've made it to be a finalist again at IBB Make Up Challenge. Here the look I've made 

andd...also my first time Make Up Collaboration!! see the collab post here

 I also join a new make up competition at December 2013, but the winner will be announced after the submission time closed at January 15th 2014. You can see here. Wish me luck with this contest, ok! ^^ 

Soo..that's all from me for 2013 Kaleidoscope. Hope this post can inspire you, or just entertain you with my creation ^^

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!!


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