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Bouncia Body Soap Review - Another Great Product from Cow Style

Hari ini aku coba review sabun yang mendadak jadi favorit aku yaa...sabun yang membuat aku makin tergila gila cuci tangan dan kaki, karena harumnya bener bener bikin nagih...hehehehe...
Apa sih sabunnya...??

Yeesss..its Bouncia Body Soap from Cow Style. Bouncia hadir dalam satu kemasan isi 550 ml dan refill 430 ml, dan dibandrol dengan harga Rp 75.000,- botol dan refill Rp. 35.000,-. Eiits, jangan buru buru bilang mahal..baca dulu review ini, ntar pasti ngerasa bahwa harga segitu worth banget deh...^ ^
Stay tune!!
Bouncia Body Soap ini merupakan produk dari Cow Style - Jepang. Cow Style sendiri merupakan brand Internasional karena kualitas sabunnya yang TOP BGT. Bouncia pertama kali release di 2003 dan merupakan salah satu produk favorit dari Cow Brand. Selain Bouncia, ada juga produk sabun lain, yaitu Red Box dan Blue Box Soap yang merupakan core brand Cow sejak 1928, Milky Body Soap, Skinlife Acne dan juga baby product QP Baby Series.
Pertama kali nyampe di rumah, dari packagi…

Hypnotize Drama Eyes - Indonesian Beauty Blogger Make Up Challenge October 2013

Selamat Malaaaammm...:)
Aku balik lagi dengan postingan ke tiga buat join di IBB MUC bulan Oktober 2013 ini. Ngepost di waktu yang merepet merepet gini, memang menghasilkan sensasi yang gimanaaa gitu..hihi..(maklum IRT yaa,kudu beresin urusan rumah dan krucils bobo dulu baru bisa "me time").
As I say before, ini postingan ketiga dari 3 postingan sehubungan dengan MUC yang setiap bulannya diadain oleh IBB. Spesial bulan Oktober ini, yang disponsori oleh Lancome, IBBloggers diperbolehkan mengirim 3 look yang berbeda. Ini terkait dengan produk yang baru saja di launching oleh Lancome yaitu Hypnose Palette dan Hypnose Mascara, yang mengangkat 3 tema berbeda yaitu Hypnose Star Eyes, Hypnose Doll Eyes dan Hypnose Drama Eyes. Hadiahnya??? oke bhangeeeddd..yaitu 1 buah Hypnose Palette dan 1 buah Hypnose Mascara masing masing buat 2 pemenang!!! worth 1 milion..!!! gimana engga ngilerr cobaaaa...hehehehe....
Untuk Hypnose Star Eyes, bisa liat postingan ku disini, dan untuk Hypnose Do…

Hypnotize Doll Eyes - Indonesia Beauty Blogger Make Up Challenge October 2013

Hello...;) I'm coming back (again) with another look for IBB MUC Oktober 2013. As we know, that IBB usually create an unique and challenging make up challenge. At this months, sponsored by Lancome, there are special condition on the MUC, such as we can submit up to 3 "hypnotize" look creation. Also, the prizes are for two winner who get Lancome Hypnose Palette and Lancome Hypnose Mascara....OMG...^^
I've already submitted my first creation "Hypnose Star Look". You can check it here.
Then tonight I'm gonna submit my 2nd creation "Hypnose Doll Eyes". It's a little bit difficult to make a dolly eyes, because I think dolly look (or eyes) and small eyes like mine aren't meant to be. Well, I've already do my best...^^
I'm using my Urban Decay Wallpaper palette mixed with The Balm Nude Tude to make a natural look on my eyes. Then I'm using Mizzu eyeliner to frame my eyes, and also using the eyeliner to create an under fake lashes…

20's Photo Contest By Pygmalion Land Feat. The Balm Indonesia

A few weeks ago, i've submitted my 20's look for joining make up challenge from Pygmalion Land and The Balm Indonesia. But since there's a chance to submit more than 1 look in this contest, im trying to submit 2 more look this evening :)

Here's the flyer for the contest

And here's the prizes

First look i've submitted, im choosing Instain Argyle as my inspiration. Check here for the detail of my past submission.

Then, now im choosing Instain Lace and Instain Swiss Dot as my inspiration look.

Here my "Instain Lace" Inspiration

Im using my new Etude Rose Flowering Palette combine with Maybellinne Color Tattoo in "Tough as Taupe" Shade. Also mizzu eyeliner to line my eyes then dolly wink eyeliner to create the tail. The Balm Frat Boy to blush my cheek and NYX SMLC Amsterdam to my lips.

Then, this is my "Swiss Dot" Inspiration Look

Im using Maybellinne Color Tattoo in "Tenacious Teal" shade, mixed with Too Faced Sexy Palette …

"HYPNOTIZE" Indonesian Beauty Blogger ft Lancome - October 2013 Make Up Challenge

See the poster above?? yes, another make up challenge i've followed ^ ^. As usual, Indonesian Beauty Blogger held a monthly make up challenge, and this October is very special one, because we can submit up to 3 Hypnotize Look !!! I think this is a very good idea to raise the chance to win..aaand to creating a lot of Hypnotize look :)

The winner (2 winner) will get a package from Lancome worth IDR 1.000.000,- consisst of Lancome's new product Hypnose Pallette and Hypnose Mascara - what a very tempting prize!!!

So, this is my first entry of Hypnotize Look. Im choosing Hypnose Star Eyes this time :)

Im using green color softlens here, but since the color is not seemed clearly, im using an editing to the softlens color.
What do you think for My Hypnotize Star Eyes? ^ ^

Dr Jart+ Most Moist Water Sure Gel - Oil Free Gel Cream

Last week, I'm going to Lotte Shopping Avenue to pick my giveaway from Dr Jart and Lotte Shopping Avenue. As promoted before, Lotte Shopping Avenue and Dr Jart gives away to 75 winner 3 kinds of their skincare, and I got this Dr Jart Most Moist Water Sure Gel. 
As the beauty consultant said, our face need more water content to make it more brighten and soft. Some people born with enough water content on his/her face, but not with some other else. The consultant said, you can tested your face skin by comparing with your upper arm skin. It it's feel like same, then you have enough water content on your face. But if isn't, then you need to improve the water content on your face. 
The Dr Jarts Most Moist Water Sure Gel is about Rp 450.000,-/50ml. Its pricey enough for me :D
Here the picture I've taken shortly after take the gift from Dr Jart Counter #narsismodeon :D
#not at Dr Jart's counter, its at XL Center Lotte Shopping Avenue :D
After home, I decided to try the wa…

Insanely Mesmerizing Your Eyes Photo Contest By Mizzu Cosmetics


As we know, there's a local brand new eyeliner booming in Indonesia. Its called Mizzu Eyeliner from Mizzu Cosmetics, and they specialized in eyes make up.

I just bought mine about 3 weeks ago from Bunny Beaute Cosmetica, and i'm totally in in love with this eyeliner (Im gonna review the eyeliner itself soon). As for who has small eyes, eyeliner is the main important stuff that can't leave behind. And so i am. I have about 5 black eyeliner and 2 color eyeliner, but I think Mizzu has its own signature which make me never ever leave it for something else.

And then, the interesting part is, Mizzu Cosmetics held a Photo Contest with theme "Insanely Mesmerizing Your Eyes"

Here's the flyer

And, as a person who always want to brighten up the situation, of courseee Im joining this photo contest :D hehehe....I'm really loveeeee Make Up Contest! heheh..

And, here's my look for this contest. To get this look, i need 3 times trial, and succes in the third tim…

Haloween Edition (again) - Bloody Creepy Clown

Good Morning!!

Last night i have difficulties to sleep. Maybe its because to much nap in the noon. So, when waiting to be sleepy, im trying something in my face, inspired by Haloween time and the Haloween fever on Indonesia Beauty Blogger's Grup..hehe
I made some simple tutorial here, i hope it's clear enough to you to imagine how to make this creepy look
Stuffs you need : 1. White Foundation (i use kryolan in ivory, so I put in my face twice or three times) 2. Black  and White Eyeshadow and Eyeliner  3. Red Lipstick 4. Fake Blood (or you can use liptint or made the fake blood by yourself)
Well, just take a look for the simple step ow making this bloody creepy clown!
I have enough lamp in my living room, so I think the result isn't scary enough yet. Then i make some editing in my phone to adjust brightness and contrast. And i think its become little bit scarier..:D

What do you think...?? :)

Ops, im forget to write down the step to make fake blood.
The ingredients is :
1. …

My Review and Summary about My NESTLE FITNESSE 14 Days Challenge

Holaaa :)
Aku kembali mereview tentang pengalamanku dalam NESTLE FITNESSE 14 Days CHALLENGE. Yah, memang sudah 3 hari dari hari terakhir aku selesai dari tantangan 14 hariku, tapi berhubung aku belum bisa "tune in writing mood" jadi yah, daripada aku menghasilkan tulisan yang jelek, lebih baik aku tunggu timing yang lebih bagus.
Mungkin sudah pada tau yah, NESTLE FITNESSE dan NESTLE FITNESSE Fruit adalah produk baru yang dikeluarkan oleh NESTLE, dimana produk ini berupa sereal pengganti sarapan pagi atau pengganti makanan utama yang memiliki kandungan gandum utuh dan low fat. 
Nah, dalam rangka launching produk ini, NESTLE ngadain NESTLE FITNESSE 14 Days CHALLENGE, dimana mereka mengajak kita untuk mengkonsumsi produk NESTLE FITNESSE dan menjalankan diet makanan sehat dan sereal selama 14 hari.

NESTLE juga membagikan 200 sample gratis bagi 100 orang yang beruntung dan terpilih untuk mencoba varian baru produk ini. Daan sodara sodara, aku terpilih menjadi bagian dari 100 or…

Bollywood Inspired Make Up - Inspiration For E Club Party ^ ^


As an opening, let me explain that im was re-sign from my current job as a banker at last Februari 2013. Im decided to be a full mother raising my two adorable kids by myself. Some other offer came by, but I think im still Kids come first.

Oke, when im a banker, there a celebration every 6 month to celebrate the excellent achiever. Its starting at 2009 untul now, and Thanks God that i always be the part of the party :)

This is my look on the past E Club (i just have two of them, because the other one - Indonesian Heroes Theme - i lost the picture becaouse my memory card is broken). The theme is Wild Wild West (2011) and Arabian Night (2010)

Then today, they celebrate the E Club Party again. Heheheh, how i missed this fun time!!

But wait..!!
maybe i cant join the party, but I can make my own party!!
So I decided to make a Bollywood Inspired Make Up, so i can feel the party too..hahahaha...

If my friend at my ex office read this, I hope they can inspired how to make the look.…